Laser cutting is different than traditional cutting methods.  It works by aiming high powered beams at the material to be cut. This process melts or burns away the material and allows us to perform the more complex cuts required for some parts.

At Frecon Technologies we have the capacity to laser cut steel up to 1/2 inch thick and aluminum or stainless steel up to 3/16 inch.

Advantages of Our 1300 Watt Laser Cutting Machine

 Laser Cutting your parts is often faster and more accurate. Since adding the CNC Laser, we have seen reductions in cutting time up to 50% on some parts. These reductions benefit our customers by providing faster turnaround which can result in reducing the amount of inventory you must keep on hand.

 Laser production eliminates the need for physical contact with the material leading to a better finish, reducing the need for deburring or sanding of the parts.

 We can use your drawings. Just provide us with a .dfx file extension and we can import it into the laser’s computer.

 A more cost-efficient method of manufacturing your parts.

CNC Laser Samples