We have the capability of waterjet cutting complex shapes and parts in almost any sheet material. Most of our waterjet cutting has been on HRS, CRS, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, UHMW, Acetron, Nylon and Wood. We can cut materials up to 8″ thick. This gives us great flexibility and allows us to support your various needs. Quality is the key and our quality is second to none.

We can waterjet cut parts using virtually any CAD file or scan the drawing directly into the machine’s computer. Utilizing the waterjet we can perform precision cutting, beveling, piercing, etching and slotting with amazing accuracy and consistency. Creating identical parts with smooth edges reduces waste and takes time out of the process for our customers.

Why Frecon Technologies

The addition of the Waterjet Machine has opened up new opportunities for us and our customers. With the waterjet cutting system, we have been able to reduce our manufacturing time significantly.

– Ed Pfirrmann, Shop Manager

CNC Waterjet Samples