If you want a finish that is cost efficient, chip and crack resistant, flexible, does not fade, has no EPA regulations because it contains no solvents, and it extends the life of your part from damage caused by moisture and chemicals–then powder coating is what you need. Powder coated surfaces are also low maintenance. There is no need for waxing, just spray the surface with water or Windex and wipe it dry for a wonderful look.

Powder coating can be applied to all metals and comes in many colors and textures.

Powder Coating Process

All items to be powder coated must first be cleaned to remove all foreign materials and oils.

Once cleaned and prepared the items are all hung in a manner to allow the powder coat to be applied to them.

The hanging process requires that each item be positioned in a manner that makes the component completely available. This supports even and thorough coverage of the entire item.

Once the components have had the selected color of powder coat material applied, the parts are then placed in an oven. The baking process hardens the finish providing the durability.